New rule set and announcements

New rule set and announcements

Postby horuspex » Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:47 pm

just thought id throw in some news here. while i must admit, my interest in the current ruleset for infinity has waned, the new rules are supposed to bring large scale changes.

i am ripping this off reddit from /u/docschlock, so credit where its due.

This is all from talks Corvus Belli has done at various wargaming conventions in recent months.
Confirmed 3E changes:
-There will be a new Line of Fire system that uses a standard visual template based on the new Size Attribute. Called the Silhouette Attribute by Bostria.
-Shotguns are being revised.
-LoL and Retreat! are being redone.
-There will be new units accompanying the release, but ALEPH and Tohaa will getting more new units than anyone else.
-The 3E book is rules-compatible with Paradiso and Human Sphere and will not change the current timeline at all.
Confirmed Future Sectorials:
-Haqqislam -- Al-Medinat, Bio-Engineering; Khanate, mechanized infantry and bikes; Caliphate, unknown;
-Nomads -- Tunguska
-Ariadna -- Kazaks; USAriadna
-At least 3 Mercenary Sectorials
All Factions will be getting 2 new Sectorials in the next expansion, Achereon Falls.
Rumored Future Sectorials:
-CB has confirmed that a ton of Swiss-themed PanO troops (Hexas, Swiss Guard, Aquilas, Fusiliers) are being resculpted / reboxed for GenCon. Swiss Sectorial?
-Bostria mentioned a "Black Hand" assassin sectorial for Nomads at one point, but I can't confirm it atm.
Fun Things:
-A third-party company is producing a line of non-playable, meant-to-be-objectives Faction Vehicles. First off the dock is a Yu Jing Transport Flyer. I believe they will be resin. There will be a Kickstarter later this year to produce at least one craft for each Faction. All CB approved.

also saw this from CB facebook page, infinity: operation icestorm. maybe a cold-weather planet will bring a new faction? ... 0083_n.jpg

so what do people think infinity needs? i know weve discussed house rules quite a bit.

one idea i will throw out:
armies need to have more army-wide special rules. a few peices of equipment here and there exist, but it needs to be more apparent. to compare to 40k, necrons 'get back up', or marine chapter tatics.
i.e., i think haq is supposed to be good at medic checks. do you think it would be OP if the rule was any haq doctor gets to reroll a medic check? or possibly yujing re-roll CC or dodge?
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Re: New rule set and announcements

Postby dustin » Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:11 am

Cool update. Got me interested in 3e.
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